Say Hello To Star Trek Discovery And Its New Ship

Returning 2020

When Bell Media announced its elaborate plans for Star Trek (classic and new alike) last week, we highlighted some creative possibilities for the new series. At the time, we had little to work with, but executive producers Bryan Fuller and Heather Kadin have revealed some intriguing new details. During a panel and a press conference at San Diego Comic-Con, they brought several aspects of the series into focus, including its title, Discovery.

Rather than conform to the episodic approach of several earlier series, Fuller explained that the first season of Star Trek: Discovery will tell one long story (“like a novel”) over the course 13 episodes. He also revealed that the series is set in the prime timeline. Rather than elaborate, he simply said, “There’s a lot of new and exciting things we’re doing with this show.”

According to Fuller, the new ship was inspired by Ralph McQuarrie’s ’70s designs for the Enterprise “to a point that we can’t legally comment on it until [our legal team] figures out some things.” In keeping with Star Trek tradition, this ship’s name will match the title of the series. Here’s a closer look at the USS Discovery:


As for Kadin, she promised that female viewers have reason to be especially excited. Asked about her creative influence as a woman, she promised that “when you start to hear more about the series,” you’ll see “that that’s a big part of it.” While there isn’t much to see at this point (the series doesn’t premiere until May 2017), you can take a closer look at the USS Discovery in the new teaser below.