Star Trek: Discovery’s Ronnie Rowe Jr. Is A Total Vulcan Fanboy

Returning 2020

Ronnie Rowe Jr.’s secret to success? Study the script. It seems like an obvious Acting 101 tip but Rowe, who plays Lieutenant R.A. Bryce on Star Trek: Discovery, says that nailing your lines is at least half the battle. As the ship’s Communications Officer, Bryce belongs to the bridge crew member club that we’ve been profiling all week in the lead up to Discovery’s return to Space in early January.

Observant Trek fans will remember Lieutenant Bryce as the person who piloted the shuttle that took Burnham and co. on their dangerous mission to scout out what had gone wrong on the USS Glenn (and bring back the Tardigrade). So no, he’s not just some “random communications officer man” (despite what Harry Mudd might say). Check out Rowe Jr.’s interview (plus an off-duty photo of him) below.


Favourite Star Trek character of all time

Spock. Live long and prosper.

Favourite Star Trek series

Next Generation—and now Discovery… LOL!

Which prop from Star Trek Discovery does he wish he could keep?

The transporter.

How hard was it to keep the role a secret before the show was announced?

I’m pretty low key, but for this role it was tough because of the history behind it.

Favourite Star Trek Captain?

Jean-Luc Picard


Best advice he ever got?

Know your lines.


For the full interview with Rowe head to CBS’ page here. And for more Star Trek: Discovery, tune into Space on January 7 at 8e when Season One’s second chapter kicks off with “Despite Yourself.” Following the cliffhanger Chapter One ending back in November, we’ll rejoin the crew of the USS Discovery in unfamiliar territory, where they’ll be “forced to get creative in their next efforts to survive opposing and unprecedented forces and return home.” Yikes. We can’t wait.