‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Recap: The Wolf Inside Emerges

The Wolf Inside

Returning 2020

What. The. Voq. This week’s episode of Discovery finally gave us the reveal we’d been suspecting since the first chapter wrapped up: Lt. Ash Tyler’s true (Klingon) identity. Tyler is Voq—the albino Klingon we last saw with L’Rell as packed him off to some strange Klingon monastery and  told him he was going to have to make a terrible sacrifice (one that involved having every bone in his body shortened and his skin stripped off—now wonder the guy blocked out all memory of who he was).

While the Voq/Tyler reveal was one that we saw coming, the episode’s second revelation was definitely a surprise. Yes, everyone’s a cruel, terrible version of themselves in this Mirror Universe, but we never suspected that the top baddie, the Terran Emperor HERSELF, would be Philippa Georgiou.

The Wolf Inside

Tyler and Burnham’s mission to get the data they need to attempt a jump back to their own universe (where their Mirror Universe selves are most certainly wreaking all kinds of havoc) is at the centre of the episode but there’s also an interesting run in—thanks to a convenient kill order handed down by the Emperor—with a rebel squad of allied Klingon, Andorian, and Vulcan forces. There Burnham meets the Mirror Universe version of the man who raised her, Sarek, and the Mirror Universe version of Voq.

Because the Mirror Universe rebels naturally doubt that Burnham is who she says she is (that is herself, only different) Sarek’s presence is key. The two do their mind meld thing so that Sarek can see this Burnham isn’t the one he knows. But Tyler coming face to face with Voq finally triggers his Klingon subconscious, setting off something terrible and violent in him. Not great.

The whole trying to kill your girlfriend thing can be hard on a relationship, especially one this new. Unlike the rest of us, Burnham didn’t see the ‘my boyfriend is secretly a Klingon’ situation coming up for her and Tyler. Things go bad fast: the rebels that helped her get blown out of the sky by Emperor Georgiou, and Tyler, having gone full Klingon on Burnham, gets beamed back to the Discovery (the other option being execution on the Shenzhou). At least they got that data they needed?

The Wolf Inside

5 questions we have about this week’s episode

1. Whose body is Voq in and whose consciousness has melded with his own? Is/was Tyler ever a real person?

2. If he is real, does that mean he’s redeemable? Can we forgive him for what he did to the Discovery’s doctor and to Burnham3

3. Who never wants to see Saru have to bathe anyone ever again?

4. Let’s talk Lorca (since he’s Burnham’s lone ally in her current situation. Will Terran torture turn him into a more or less predictable leader?

5. How much longer do we have Michelle Yeoh back for? Forever? Please?