Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Such Sweet Sorrow Part 1 Is A Cliffhanger For The Ages


Returning 2020

For fans wondering how Star Trek: Discovery was going to stay on television without running into (and messing with) the original series’ timeline, this latest episode may have given us the answer. They’re going to jump right over it and into the future—literally — with Michael Burnham donning a remade version of her mother’s time travel suit, jumping forward to who-knows-where and pulling the Discovery (with a select few crew members) with her. It’s the only solution the crew can see after their efforts to destroy the ship fail completely.

When it comes to protecting itself, the data sphere knows what it’s doing. If only it could protect itself from Leland/Control. The Section 31 ships that the AI has used him to commandeer are in hot pursuit of Discovery. Working in concert with the Enterprise, the ship heads towards the fifth of the seven mysterious signals—that they now know Burnham herself has been sending from the future, trying to tell them something. The signal takes them to a planet where Tilly just so happens to be pals with the teenage nuclear physics genius and queen, Po. They need her to help harness the power of the time crystal so that Burnham can make the jump.


In between all this sciencing the s#*t out of stuff, Burnham and the Discovery crew say some tearful goodbyes. Stamets is going with Burnham. Culber is joining the crew on the Enterprise. Sarek and Amanda come to bid Burnham farewell and tell her how proud they are of her. Only afterwards do we find out that Spock is going with his sister. Finally, Michael and Ash say a passionate goodbye. He’s decided he needs to stick around and make sure Control is fully dealt with, data sphere or no.

Just as Leland’s fleet arrives, surrounding both the Enterprise and the Discovery as they prepare for battle, the episode ends and we’re left with maybe the biggest cliffhanger in Star Trek history and a whole week of waiting to find out what happens.


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery

1. Where does Tyler have to be that’s more important than at the love of his life’s side during a battle to save all life as we know it?

2. Po and that callback to Tilly’s Short Trek episode! Who saw that coming?

3. What do the visions that both Burnham and Reno saw through the time crystal mean for the Enterprise?

4. If the Discovery survives, who will get to be Captain? Saru or Burnham?

5. What about the future Pike saw for himself when he touched the crystal? Is there no avoiding that?