Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Following Fate Through The Valley Of Shadows


Returning 2020

The Discovery sets a course for the little-known Klingon outpost of Boreth, chasing the fourth in the series of signals that’s been taking them across galaxies. And what a coincidence: it’s the exact planet where L’Rell and Ash decided to hide their newborn son only months ago. Upon consulting with L’Rell, it’s revealed that the planet is home to one of the Klingons’ most sacred sites: a temple that houses time crystals like the modified one used to power Dr. Burnham’s Red Angel suit. Because the Klingons can’t find out that Ash is still alive, Pike volunteers to go down to the surface and look into procuring a time crystal for the Discovery, hoping that it will somehow help them protect the data sphere which has become inextricably linked to the ship itself. L’Rell warns him that obtaining one will be next to impossible, but since it’s every single existing life-form that’s at stake, he decides to try.

Upon arrival Pike is met by a Klingon we actually already know—the son of Voq and L’Rell. He’s become a grown man in only a few months. Living among time crystals will do that to you (and other stuff, too). Pike is warned again, but when he insists, his guide relents and takes him deep inside the temple to choose a crystal. Where others have failed epically, Pike succeeds—but the cost is so incredibly high. Simply by holding the crystal, Pike sees his fiery, nightmarish fate. By taking the crystal with him, that fate is sealed.


Off on her own mission with Spock (Saru insisted) Burnham tracks a Section 31 ship that failed to follow check-in protocol, raising Burnham’s suspicions that something might be wrong on board. And wow, is it ever. The siblings arrive at the ship to find the entire crew ejected into space, all dead but one. Burnham recognises him as one of her former Shenzhou crew mates, and after reviving him, the trio goes to investigate why the ship’s AI turned murderous. As you probably suspected, IT’S A TRAP! Burnham’s old colleague has been hacked by Control, just like Leland was, and just like Control wants to do to Burnham—and would have, had Spock not been there to save her.

Everyone reconvenes aboard the Discovery (Pike with the time crystal and Burnham and Spock with their new information about Control) just in time for the ship to be surrounded by nearly every single Section 31 ship in the fleet. They’ve all been commandeered by Control, and they’re there to retrieve the data sphere at any cost. The Discovery crew is out of all options but one: destroy the data sphere by destroying the entire ship—exactly the way Pike saw it back on Boreth.


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery

1. This was a dark episode. Thank heavens Tig Notaro is back. Can we keep her?

2. Why is Burnham so important to Control? What about her makes her the key to the data sphere and the future (or lack of one) of all sentient life?

3. What role will the time crystal that Pike brought back play in the fight against Control? It better be a big one, one that matches Pike’s massive sacrifice.

4. Will the pep talk that Jet Reno gave Culber lead to him and Stamets getting back together? Fingers crossed. Sad Stamets is so sad.

5. More and more evidence that Burnham has some integral role in the fate of the universe is piling up—but what is that role?