Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Perpetual Infinity And Family Ties


Returning 2020

We got it wrong last week: the woman in the Red Angel suit isn’t Burnham, it’s her mom. Along with the entire Discovery crew and even Michael herself, we thought we were meeting a future version of Burnham. Instead, it was someone with a confusingly close genetic signature: her mother. Dr. Burnham didn’t die in that Klingon attack. Instead, she used the suit to try to jump back an hour in time and save her small family from the invasion. But the suit, still in beta mode, jumped forward 950 years into a future where Control had destroyed all life in the universe. Since then, Dr. Burnham has made it her mission to stop the AI from evolving. She’s tried hundreds of times… and failed. 

The Discovery is Dr. Burnham’s last hope, and she asks to speak with Captain Pike so that she can plead with him to destroy the data sphere, insisting that it’s the only way to stop Control. When he finally agrees, however, the sphere protects itself by encrypting the data in a language that’s been dead for thousands of years. Meanwhile, Control has taken up residence in Leland’s body and is scheming to have the data secretly transferred to his Section 31 ship. When Tyler refuses the order to do it, Control Leland sends Georgiou, but she suspects that something is up right from the start. Keeping up appearances that she’s following his orders, Georgiou conspires with Tyler to find out what Leland is really up to. Tyler completes the task and is rewarded with a knife to the gut—but he does manage to warn Pike.


In a race to try to send the data into perpetual infinity via Dr. Burnham’s suit before time overpowers them, Stamets, Spock, and Burnham also come up with a way to keep Dr. Burnham in their timeline, untethering her from the suit using the massive power source contained within the dark matter particles they handily picked up a few episodes ago (hat tip, Tilly!).

It’s a serious bummer when Leland shows up to spoil the party and Burnham’s only choice is to take down the containment field and watch as the mother she’s mourned for two decades gets sucked back to the future, along with the time crystal and the suit. But Leland only manages to get away with a little over half of the data held in the sphere—thanks to Georgiou, who kicks his AI-powered ass all over the station (Dr. Burnham was right: Terran or not, Georgiou totally loves Michael like a daughter).


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery

1. If the signals Discovery has been picking up aren’t from the Red Angel, then where are they coming from and what do they mean?

2. Will Michael get to keep her promise and find her mother again? And her father, too? Would doing that change her entire destiny? Timelines are tricky.

3. Did Dr. Burnham have anything to do with Michael ending up on Vulcan? It seems like a massive coincidence that Michael’s brother Spock is the only person in the universe who could communicate with the Red Angel. 

4. How much more powerful will even just half of the sphere’s data make Control/Leland? Do we even want to know?

5. OMG IS TYLER OKAY? Ash is having a rough season. When will this poor guy catch a break?