Star Trek: Discovery Recap: The Red Angel Is Unmasked


Returning 2020

As we’d guessed last week, the Red Angel is none other than a future version of Burnham herself. Spock nailed it when he said that the Angel’s mission to save the universe fits his adopted sister’s emotional and psychological profile to a T—of course Burnham would take this on. Pike and his crew suspect that Control has gone dormant and is hiding out somewhere waiting to strike. The only solution, they decide, is to get to the Red Angel (future Burnham) and question her about it. This involves trapping her in the present and using their own Burnham as bait to lure her there. The plan is made all the riskier by the fact that Section 31’s Leland and Georgiou have invited themselves aboard the Discovery to be part of the festivities.

Of course, Project Daedalus is a Section 31 endeavour. 31 began working on it 20 years ago when they found out the Klingons were researching time travel. The truth takes a while to come out, but eventually Leland tells Burnham that her parents died working on it, and that it was his fault. Burnham, who’d spent her entire life blaming herself for their deaths, punches Leland in the face. Twice. Spock tells her he’s sad to have missed it and the siblings appear to reconcile. Aw.


Realising that they can summon the angel by putting Burnham in mortal danger (thanks, Grandfather Paradox), the crew works out a plan to allow her to suffocate painfully/have her flesh burned off with acid by shutting down the life support system on a crappy, uninhabitable planet. With Dr. Culber standing by to resuscitate her, they set the trap. Things get tense and everyone from Pike to Terran Georgiou calls for the plan to be scrapped. Watching Burnham suffer is nothing less than harrowing. Spock, however, holds them all hostage, allowing Burnham to actually die. It’s a tense few moments but it works. The angle appears, zaps Burnham with her red beam, and brings her back.

It’s a cruel joke to play on a crew that’s so recently lost one of their own (RIP Airiam), but the mission to trap the angel works in the end and Starfleet is one step closer to saving literally every living thing in the universe. Also, Tyler and Burnham kissed. Life and death situations have a way of putting past grievances into perspective, you know?  


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery

1. OMG, does Terran Georgiou actually have feelings? Like, warm fuzzy ones? When it comes to Burnham, we think she might.

2. Burnham told Leland that their “discussion” wasn’t over? What will his fate be? He’s not exactly a popular guy, even with his own crew.

3. Where is Control? What’s its next move?

4. Does this mean that Burnham and Tyler are getting back together? Because, swoon.

5. What will Burnham and the Discovery crew learn from the angel/future Burnham?