Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Death, Destruction And Project Daedalus


Returning 2020

To prepare for our eventual subjugation by robot overlords is one thing. To be completely wiped out by them is quite another, and so the Discovery has gone rogue in order to try to stop this from happening. A visit from Admiral Cornwell provides the crew with an additional piece to the Red Angel puzzle: someone has locked Cornwell out of Control, the AI program Starfleet uses to direct its most important decisions—with input from sentient members of the fleet. Cornwell suspects that she’s been barred from the system by Vulcan Logic Extremists… if only it were that simple.

Tracing the illegal data transmissions that Pike suspects Tyler of sending, it’s uncovered that their destination was a converted space prison that now acts as Section 31 HQ. As Discovery approaches, Section 31 (or so it would seem) launches a Starfleet-on-Starfleet attack. But why?! Not to be deterred from the mission (to manually restore access to Control), Pike sends a team down to 31 HQ consisting of Burnham, Commander Nhan, and Airium. Upon reaching the station, they find nothing but corpses… so who orchestrated the attack on Discovery?


Answer: the same entity that forged the footage of Spock murdering his doctors. Saru discovers that the people they’ve been seeing on screens are holograms—they have no heat signatures. Control is producing them and causing the discord and infighting in Starfleet in order for the AI to gain an unbeatable upper hand. It’s targeted Airium because she has access to the infinite amounts of knowledge and data that the Discovery received from the sentient sphere. With all that information, it could destroy every living thing in the galaxy. This is what the Red Angel has been warning Spock about.

Control has cleverly lured the Discovery to Section 31 HQ so that it can get a direct download of data from poor, hacked Airium. Throughout the episode we watch her fight the AI that’s controlling her and lose again and again until the very end. Following a brutal fight with Burnham and Commander Nhan, Airium ends up trapped in an airlock begging for Burnham to space her while the AI-controlled part of her attempts to break free and finish the data upload. Burnham can’t do it (proving Spock correct: she’d rather take on burden and blame than face her own grief). She ignores orders and the obvious truth, risking the fate of all living things for her friend. Commander Nhan is less sentimental. She spaces Airium. No regrets.


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery

1. We have the exact same question Spock has: why has the Angel chosen him to communicate with? Does it have anything to do with his half-Vulcan/half-human status?

2. Considering all the inter-Starfleet chaos in this episode alone, what is the state of the rest of the fleet right now?

3. With all the action going on, is anyone going to remember to let Tyler out of his quarters?

4. What is Project Daedalus? Who or what is behind it?

5. Airium told Burnham that everything is about her—what does that mean? Is the Red Angel trying to communicate to Burnham through Spock? Is a future Burnham the Red Angel?