Star Trek: Discovery Recap: If Memory Serves, Before Time Runs Out


Returning 2020

We’ve been here before. By here, we mean Talos IV, a place where Captain Christopher Pike has strong ties, ones we were reminded of during the clever “previously on Star Trek” flashback that opened this week’s episode. When Burnham and Spock arrive on Talos IV, they’re greeted by Vena, an old friend of Pike’s and the only human inhabitant (in a way, at least) of Talos IV. Being psychic, the planet’s small population has anticipated the arrival of Burnham and Spock and they knew that the pair would be asking for their help—help the Talosians are willing to provide, but for a price.

Spock’s sanity is slipping because he is experiencing time as fluid rather than linear. The Talosians agree to show Burnham what that looks like if she will show them her memory of the rift she created with her brother back when they were children. She resists at first (yes, it’s that bad) but finally relents when she sees it’s the only way to save him. So we learn, finally, what Burnham said to her brother in her childish attempt to protect the family from an attack by Vulcan Logic Extremists. Calling him a “weird half-breed” she tells young Spock that she doesn’t want him in her life and that he isn’t capable of love. It’s brutal. Despite her heartbreaking words, child Spock still uses the premonition the Red Angel brings him to save his runaway sister. Now they must use his most recent premonition to save the entire universe.


With Burnham on Talos IV, things are pretty dull aboard the Discovery. Just kidding. Tyler and Culber destroy the cafeteria during a fist fight in which Culber demands that Tyler bring Voq to the surface so that he can have his revenge for Voq both killing him and ruining his life (so complicated). Culber’s memories have become completely disconnected from his feelings to the degree that he has no idea who he is anymore. Kind of like, uh… Tyler?

With the Talosians’ help, Burnham reaches out to Pike and asks him to come to Talos IV to get her and Spock. Thanks to Airium, Section 31 also has this information and Leland’s ship arrives at Talos just as the Discovery does. Talosian genius saves the day once again when Leland beams a projection of Spock and Burnham aboard his ship while the real siblings escape to the Discovery in a shuttle. All that’s left for the now-fugitive Discovery crew to do is follow the Red Angel’s designs and attempt to save every sentient being in the universe while the Federation hunts them down. Easy, right?


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery

1. Is there no future for Culber and Stamets? Did we just witness a break up?

2. Airium is clearly sending Section 31 data from the Discovery—so does that mean that probe was theirs? Is it Terran tech?

3. Is someone in Section 31 trying to undermine Tyler? Why were his authorization codes used to send the illegal transmissions? Is he simply a convenient scapegoat?

4. Spock confirmed that the “Angel” is human—so who is it and when are they from?

5. Now that we know for certain that Spock didn’t murder anyone, why is Section 31 is claiming he did? What’s their motive?