Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Hiding In Light And Shadows


Returning 2020

A pilgrimage back to Burnham’s home planet (ish) of Vulcan leads to a major breakthrough in the search for Spock. Amanda (who, it turns out, isn’t the best liar) has been harbouring her son in a temple where he can’t be detected. Spock has been spending his time reciting the first doctrines of logic and carving the Angel’s likeness into the temple walls along with a seemingly random sequence of numbers. To Burnham he’s nearly unrecognisable, but with Sarek’s support she convinces Amanda to let her take him to Captain Leland, who Burnham believes wants to make Spock better as much as his family does. After all, only a well Spock can share what he knows about the Angel, right?

WRONG. Leland is a snake—Burnham senses it, and Georgiou confirms it (because: takes one to know one). Leland’s real plan is to hook Spock up to a memory extractor which will get him the information he wants while completely decimating Spock’s mind. Georgiou tells Burnham Leland’s plan (not quite out of the good of her heart, but anyway) and facilitates an escape for the siblings. While hiding out on an asteroid with Spock, Burnham figures out that the numbers he’s been carving are coordinates, only backwards. A quick computer search tells her that the place that Spock has been trying to reach is Talos IV. She sets a course.


Back on the Discovery, Captain Pike has ordered his crew to remain near Kaminar to analyse the residue left behind by the Angel. Turns out that residue is a rift in space/time. Tilly is thrilled. Instead of risking the entire ship and crew, Pike decides to pilot a shuttle to closer inspect the rift himself. Tyler, already miffed that Burnham has taken off to Vulcan without his OK, insists on accompanying him. In case we hadn’t noticed, this is where it becomes really clear that these two do NOT get along.

The trip doesn’t go well. The two men get stuck in a pocket where all of time is happening at once—which makes it really hard for their crew to track them down and save them. Luckily, Stamets has space/time immunity and super navigational skills thanks to his Tardigrade DNA. Tilly beams him aboard (yay, math!) and he pilots the shuttle to a place where all three men can be beamed back to the Discovery safely. But what was up with that deadly probe from the Federation’s future?

5 questions we have about the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery

1. Thanks to Saru, we know that the Angel is a time and space travelling humanoid with advanced tech—but what kind of future is the Angel from? What destinies is it trying to manipulate?

2. What information does Spock have about the Angel? When and how will he be able to share it?

3. Why did the Federation probe from the future attack Pike and Tyler in the pod? What was it trying to learn from accessing the Discovery’s data core?

4. What has happened to Lt. Commander Airiam? She seems to have been adversely affected by the probe’s breach of the data core…

5. How is Leland responsible for the death of Burnham’s biological parents, and when will she find out?