Star Trek: Discovery Recap: It’s Mass Confusion In Magic To Make The Sanest Man Go Mad

Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad

Returning 2020

This week’s episode of Disco (we’re all calling it that after those t-shirts from last week, right?) asks us to do the timewarp again… and again and again. The Discovery is stuck in a temporal loop—and we don’t mean the kind that requires you to listen to the same Wyclef song over and over (although there is that, too).

This particular temporal loop has been orchestrated by legendary Trek bad guy, Harry Mudd. Ticked off about being abandoned on the Klingon ship where he’d been held prisoner alongside Lorca and Ash Tyler, Mudd exacts his revenge on the Discovery crew by using a volatile crystal to halt time. It’s the same trick he used to pull off a daring space bank heist back before he was a Klingon prisoner—luckily, he bragged about it to Tyler during their time in captivity together.

Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad

Mudd’s inability to keep his mouth shut eventually leads to his downfall, but not before the crew of the Discovery is subjected to dozens of 30-minute-long Groundhog Days in which they repeat the same mistakes over and over. Each time they screw up, Mudd gets closer to figuring out the secret behind the spore drive and the Discovery gets closer to becoming Klingon property thanks to a deal that Mudd worked out with his former jailers.

Because he’s now part Tardigrade, Stamets is the only one on the ship not affected by the time loop’s power to erase all memory of the previous loop, but after a valiant effort to save everyone, he finally tires of seeing his Captain and crew get repeatedly murdered by Mudd. He admits he’s the key to navigating the spore drive, sacrificing himself in exchange for everyone else’s freedom. Inspired by Stamets, Burnham makes her own sacrifice, offering herself up to the Klingons instead—a sweet prize considering she’s a notorious and wanted killer in their eyes.

Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad

Thinking he at last has what he wants, “Captain” Mudd accepts a Klingon transmission asking to be beamed  aboard the Discovery, only the crew have finally found a hole in his scheme: she’s called Stella. Mudd skipped out on her light years ago, taking her substantial dowry with him. Instead of a couple of Klingons, it’s Stella and her intimidating arms-dealing father who beam aboard.

In exchange for escaping a one-way trip to a Federation prison, Mudd must resign himself to settling down with a rich space babe. It hardly seems fair, but then again, neither is having a first kiss with your crush and not getting to remember it, right Burnham?

Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad

5 questions we have about this week’s episode

1. Do Burnham and Tyler need another 52 time loops to kiss again or is the romance actually happening?

2. Does Tyler’s bravery aboard the Discovery this episode clear him of suspicion or is this a ‘trust no one’ show?

3. Can Tilly wear her amazing hair all massive and curly every week please? Because, wow.

4. Does the Discovery crew get to keep the Gormagander? They could use a mascot now that the Tardigrade is gone.

5. Is this the last we’ll see of Harry Mudd? We kinda doubt it.