Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Context Is For Kings Has Us Completely Hooked

Star Trek Discovery

Returning 2020

From Starfleet First Officer to Federation Enemy Number Two (Number One would still be the Klingons), we’ve seen Star Trek: Discovery’s Michael Burnham fall a long way down in just two episodes. As the series’ third instalment picks up, we find Burnham on a prison transport shuttle with a few other inmates. She’s Federation-famous now, known as Starfleet’s first mutineer—and there are a number of people who are looking to profit from that infamy. ‘If you can’t be the mutineer, be the person who killed her’ seems to be her fellow prisoners’ game plan.

Diverted from their original route by a field of energy-zapping matter (and by the Discovery’s Captain Lorca), the prisoners are brought aboard the new Starfleet ship where Burnham is given a chance (read: totally forced) to demonstrate her Vulcan martial arts skills, her quantum coding skills, and her bravery and willingness to sacrifice herself to save her crew.

When the USS Glenn is found free-floating in space, Lorca decides to send a boarding party, led by Science Officer Stamets, to see what’s happened aboard the ship—and insists that the party take Burnham with them. Despite being a firsthand witness to what happened aboard the Shenzhou, Saru, now a First Officer himself, backs up Lorca’s decision to send Burnham along, despite strong objections from Stamets.

On the Glenn, the party discovers a ship stripped of most of its operating power and littered with mangled, bloody crewmembers. The further they venture, the more bodies they find—including those of a Klingon contingent, sent to raid the ship after the tragedy struck. The only one to survive warns them to be quiet—just before he’s ripped apart by a vicious (and surprisingly fast-moving) creature that looks like an overgrown alien gila monster.

Thanks to Burnham’s courage and quick-thinking, the crew manages to retrieve the “device” Lorca requested and escape the ship’s monster. Back aboard the Discovery, Burnham is extended an offer to stay on as part of the crew (obviously this had been Lorca’s plan all along). When she tells him she suspects that he wants her to work on an illegal weapon, he shows her what the Discovery’s research team has really been working on—an organic propulsion system that will make space travel near-instantaneous, help them win the war against the Klingons, and open up entirely new opportunities for exploration once the war is over.

Burnham agrees to stay on (much to the delight of her roommate, Tilly) and Lorca orders the Glenn to be destroyed to prevent further Klingon raids—but not before ensuring that Officer Landry managed to smuggle one last thing off the ship and onto the Discovery…

5 questions we have about this week’s episode

1. With its new cast of characters, new ship, and dark, mysterious mission, episode three was the one that totally hooked us. What’s your verdict on the new series?

2. OMG, was that a Tribble? And right BESIDE a bowl of fortune cookies? Good luck with that, Lorca.

3. Show of hands: who trusts Lorca and Landry? Who still thinks they’re up to something sketchy?

4. Stamets called Lorca a warmonger… what does he know about the Captain that we don’t?

5. What does Lorca want with the monster? Does he have plans to beam it aboard Klingon ships and use it as a weapon? It certainly seems effective.