Star Trek: Discovery’s Bridge Crew Is Getting The Attention They Deserve


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Taking orders from a Captain as impulsive, unpredictable, and reckless as the Discovery’s Gabriel Lorca isn’t an easy job. The ship’s bridge crew toil away at their jobs, always ready to engage the spore drive according to their leader’s latest whim, and yet we never really get to know them very well. (To be fair, we’ve been pretty busy with the whole Klingon war thing.)

This week (ahead of the Season 1, Chapter 2 premiere on January 7), CBS is releasing a series of interviews with Star Trek: Discovery’s bridge crew, who will no doubt continue to play key roles as the series develops (hot tip: a second season has already been confirmed).

The first crew member to receive this special treatment is Lieutenant Commander Airiam, the ship’s Drive Ops Officer. Played by actor Sara Mitich, you might not recognize her without her Discovery makeup and wardrobe on.


Check out Mitich’s answers to her one-on-one interview with CBS:

Favourite Star Trek character and series

Data and The Next Generation

Favourite moment from set

One of the many laughing fits we all fell into in between takes. I can’t remember who set us off this particular time—maybe one of Doug’s dance sequences as Saru or the amazing poses he’d strike across the Captain’s chair—but I’d end up laughing so hard, I’d have to press my fingers to the edges of my lips, trying even harder not to laugh (which always makes it worse!) so the prosthetic wouldn’t rip or fall off! I couldn’t plug my ears, because of the helmet, so I couldn’t tune out everyone else laughing their heads off. Eventually I had to walk away and meditate through the giggle fits happening inside my body. My goodness. I had many holding-my-lips-together, having-to-walk-away moments throughout the season. I think that says something about this group of people: through thick and thin, we always found the light together.


Which prop from Star Trek: Discovery do you wish you could keep?

I’d love to keep my badge. The first time they put it on, I immediately felt the weight of what we were a part of. It solidified it all for me.

How hard was it to keep your role a secret before the show was announced?

It was pretty hard, mainly in the functioning way of just not telling people what I was up to. When friends asked ;Hey what are you doing tomorrow?’ I would have to find a random thing to say because saying ‘Oh I’m working on this show, but I can’t say which one’ just sounded so pretentious to my ears. It was easy in the sense that, I needed those few months of it being a secret to actually process what was happening. It’s such a wonderful and massive franchise, and once you’re a part of it, you’re a part of it forever.

Who’s your favourite Star Trek Captain?

Captain Kirk.


For and extended version of Mitich’s Q&A, head to the CBS page here. And check back tomorrow when we’ll run a profile of crewmember Joann Owosekun, played by Oyin Oladejo.