Star Trek: Discovery Recap: We Get An Epic Battle And Answers In Such Sweet Sorrow Part 2


Returning 2020

After last week’s Discovery cliffhanger, we rejoin the crew at the start of a tense battle that will rage on for nearly the duration of the episode—and oh, what a battle it is. The show outdid itself in terms of the artistry of this onscreen war (Sun Tzu quotes and all). The mission: get Burnham through the wormhole. It’s their one job, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. While at first the Discovery and the Enterprise appear to have Leland’s nasty Section 31 clone ships outnumbered, it soon becomes evident that they’ve miscalculated. Leland has a massive squadron of battle drones at his command—they were simply well disguised.

As Burnham, Spock, Tilly, and Stamets scramble to build Burnham’s Iron Man-like suit and Reno charges the time crystal (thank the stars for her anxiety-distilling humour), the Enterprise suffers casualties early on in the battle. Things get even worse when the torpedo Burnham saw in her vision ends up lodged in the hull of the ship. It takes a massive, destiny-altering sacrifice from Admiral Cornwell to take care of that problem, ensuring that Captain Pike will live to fight another day.


As both Starfleet ships work to keep Burnham safe, she and Spock realize that this very moment is the place where Burnham jumps not forward but back in order to set the first five signals—the ones that will bring Po and the Kelpians into the battle, the one that will lead Discovery to the time crystal, and the one that led them to this moment. Once that’s done, she’ll have all the pieces in place to jump into the future, setting a sixth signal for the Discovery to follow. The seventh and final signal will be her message to Spock: that she made it, that she’s safe.

Meanwhile, Leland has boarded the Discovery and is after the data core. His fight with Georgiou leads him to the ship’s engineering room, where he’s just so smugly certain that he’s won. Turns out Terrans are AI-level smart. Leland walks right into Georgiou’s trap. She’s magnetized the spore cube and Leland, trapped in the chamber with it, is slowly and excruciatingly pulled apart. His screams make her laugh. Nothing comes between a Terran and her quest for revenge. God, she’s cool.


With Leland and Control defeated, the Discovery and Burnham make their epic jump 930 years into the future. Where are they now? That’s a question for next season. One thing is certain: no one that’s left behind is saying a word about it.

5 questions we have about the Star Trek: Discovery season finale

1. How clever was the show’s way of dealing with the fact that the Spock of the original Star Trek series never mentions his incredible badass of a sister? Unsarcastic slow-clap right here. 

2. As the respective paths of the Enterprise and the Discovery have now diverged, does that mean we’ll never see Spock or Pike in this series again? Because we’re definitely not opposed to a separate spinoff. Just saying.

3. So Ash Tyler is the new top dude at Section 31. With all that classified, super-advanced technology at his disposal, is there a chance he’ll show up in Burnham’s timeline again, or is their story over?

4. Spock without his beard: yay or nay? How much fun was it seeing him in his Enterprise uniform, looking like Nimoy’s version of the character?

5. Which moment made your heart crack more: Burnham and Spock’s final Vulcan salute or Stamets and Culber’s sick bay reunion? Welp!

Check out the Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 finale below, and check out our interviews with Sonequa Martin-Green and Ethan Peck to see what they had to say about the finale.