Prepare Yourself—Star Trek: Discovery Is Back This Sunday


Returning 2020

Have your Kelpien threat ganglia been tingling these past few days? They’re probably trying to alert you to the fact that Star Trek: Discovery is returning this Sunday with the show’s Season 1, Chapter 2 premiere, “Despite Yourself.” Kelpien or not, you’ll want to tune in.

It’s been some time since we were last aboard Captain Lorca’s USS Discovery (Chapter 1 wrapped back in mid-November), so unless you’ve been blessed with the mental faculties of a Vulcan (or half-Vulcan, or adopted Vulcan) you might be a bit fuzzy on where we left off… and where we might be going. Here’s what you need to know:

Burnham and Tyler totally love each other… but there’s a catch

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There were high-fives all around when the crew of the Discovery bested the Klingons on several fronts: Kol’s ship went down, the Admiral was rescued, and a Klingon prisoner (L’Rell) was captured. But that presents a problem for Tyler, whose relationship to L’Rell is… super complicated.

Stamets is in rough shape

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Following an intense series of very risky Spore Drive jumps, Stamets was totally wiped out but insisted on doing one more critical jump—that seemed to unstick his mind from any particular place in space or time.

The Discovery and it’s crew are basically lost

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That final Spore Drive trip that Lorca ordered has taken the Discovery to unknown parts of the universe. Or, maybe, a completely different universe altogether. Did Lorca have anything to do with the jump’s misfire? Heroic victory aside, his status with the Federation is still in question.

Where’s Voq?

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L’Rell helped him escape Kol’s wrath, telling him the escape would cost him everything… where did he go and should we expect to see him again in this new chapter? We think yes. We also think he might be tied to the weirdness between Tyler and L’Rell.

That ‘mirror universe’ thing Trekkers have been on about all season…

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Are we in it now? Were we in it before? Whatever the case, this is getting FUN.

Star Trek: Discovery will be back this Sunday, January 7 at 8e 5p. We’ll rejoin Burnham and the rest of the crew as they are “forced to get creative in their next efforts to survive opposing and unprecedented forces and return home.”