Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Not Everyone Makes It Out Of This Chapter 1 Finale

Returning 2020

A dangerous mission is at the centre of the Chapter One-ending episode of Star Trek: Discovery. Faced with a do or die mission that could put an end to the Federation’s war with the Klingons, Captain Lorca tests the extreme limits of his crew’s talents but placing three key members in serious danger. It’s a risky gamble to get the upper hand in what basically amounts to a showdown between the Klingon cloaking technology and the Discovery’s spore drive. It works, but at a cost.

Burnham and Tyler argue that they’re the best team to board Kol’s battleship and plant sensors designed to sink it. (And since they’ve both been onboard Klingon vessels before, their argument is pretty solid.) Lorca is reluctant to let Burnham go, but in the end Burnham and Tyler get their couple’s mission wish.

Into the Forest I Go

Beamed aboard in stealth, Burnham immediately picks up a signal that there’s another human there with them. We knew the Admiral was still alive. The mission’s danger factor doubles when Burnham insists on rescuing her and Tyler has a PTSD-sparked breakdown upon seeing L’Rell. Left to complete the sensor task on her own, Burnham can’t help herself when the chance to confront Kol arises.

Was anyone surprised when that negotiation ended in a Klingon knife fight? No? Didn’t think so. Burnham holds her own, but is also beamed back aboard the Discovery at a pretty key moment. Also beamed aboard? L’Rell, whose relationship with Tyler is revealed to be very… complicated.

Into the Forest I Go

While Burnham and Tyler were infiltrating the Klingon ship, Lorca and Stamets were putting the spore drive to its most taxing test yet: 133 micro-jumps designed to confuse the hell out of Kol and culminate in the destruction of his ship. They’re successful, but the strategy definitely takes a toll on Stamets’ body and brain.

Still, he insists on doing one more jump—his last, like, ever—to get the ship and crew safely back to starbase for some well-deserved downtime. That one doesn’t go as planned.

Into the Forest I Go

When we last see the Discovery, the ship floating through space in a time and location that is undecipherable to its Captain and crew. As for Stamets, he’s everywhere all at once. The jump appears to have separated him from any one time or place and he claims to be able to see every possible permutation of existence. Stamets says it’s beautiful but to us, it just sounds really, really stressful.

3 questions we have about the Chapter 1 finale

1. What did L’Rell mean when she told Lt. Tyler ‘Soon’—what’s soon? What’s her plan for him?

2. Right before the final failed jump back to starbase, Lorca seemed a bit too willing to return to the Federation fold, especially considering the uncertain future he faces post-war. Did he have anything to do with the jump’s misfire?

3. What was the meaning behind Stamets’ enigmatic mumbling? The whole ‘There’s a clearing in the forest. That’s how they go.’ business?