Here’s A Mind-Blowing Scene You Haven’t Seen From Star Trek: Discovery

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Returning 2020

Hey, remember all that stuff about Section 31 in the premiere season of Star Trek: Discovery? No? Neither do we, but this just-released bonus scene will catch you up—sort of. It features Michelle Yeoh’s Mirror Universe Captain—sorry, Emperor Georgiou and a mysterious stranger who arrives uninvited in whatever corner of the Prime Universe that Georgiou currently calls home (thanks to Michael Burnham’s life-sparing generosity).

It appears that Mirror Georgiou has been staying out of trouble by running a sexy outer space dive bar, but knowing this character, it’s obvious that trouble or something like it will have to expend very little effort to find her.

That’s where the stranger from Section 31 comes in, offering her another option… and a new badge. Check out the clip below.