Star Trek: Discovery Actor Oyin Oladejo’s Favourite Series Is Star Trek: Discovery

Returning 2020

We love an honest actor. In an industry full to overflowing of false modesty, it’s totally refreshing to hear Star Trek: Discovery actor Oyin Oladejo say that her favourite Star Trek series is, naturally, the one she’s in.

CBS is releasing a new interview with a Star Trek: Discovery’s bridge crew cast member every day this week. The second crew member we’re getting up close and personal with is Oladejo, who plays Lieutenant Junior Grade Joann Owosekun, the ship’s Ops Officer. We don’t know exactly what that is, but it sounds super important.

Here’s what Oladejo had to say about her experience on the show in her one-on-one interview with CBS.


Favourite Star Trek character of all time?

Tasha Yar. She, among a few others, blazed the way for strong women in science fiction. In a nutshell, she kicked some ass and I can’t wait to do the same.

Favourite Star Trek series and Captain?

Ummmm, Discovery of course [and] Captain Georgiou.

Favourite Moment from set?

Doug Jones’ Cabaret Interlude

Which prop from Star Trek: Discovery does she wish she could keep?

Hahahahaha! Saru’s shoes.

How hard was it to keep her role a secret before the show was announced?

I came on board after the show was announced though we were not allowed to reveal that we were in it and since I wasn’t that active on social media at that time, it wasn’t difficult at all. However, to my close friends and family, it was excruciating.

Best advice she ever got?

I was once told, ‘Don’t forget to take your medication’ which in hindsight wasn’t the kindest thing ever said to me. However, I have reclaimed it with love and now I never forget to take my ‘medication’ whether it be meditation, martial arts or reruns of Law and Order. Whatever heals your soul, that’s your medication.


For an extended version of Oladejo’s Q&A, head to the CBS page here. And check back tomorrow when we’ll run a profile of crewmember Lieutenant Keyla Detmer (aka actor Emily Coutts).