Resistance To These New Star Trek Beyond Posters Is Futile

Looking ahead at the summer movie schedule, it’s surprising how few heavy-hitters are coming in the months ahead. While there are likely to be some surprise hits, Star Trek has the distinction of being the most high profile franchises in theatres this summer. Hoping to convince and/or remind fans that Star Trek Beyond is a genuine event movie, Paramount released a new trailer earlier this week—and now they’ve unveiled four brand new posters.

In spite of all that hype, some Trekkies have lowered their expectations, thanks in part to the fact that director J.J. Abrams stayed on the sidelines for the latest instalment, leaving directing duties to Fast & Furious vet Justin Lin. However, Abrams promises that Beyond delivers a story worth getting excited about. “Talking about the intensity of the story that Justin and Simon Pegg and Doug Jung wrote in the script, the story that they pitched was so life and death,” Abrams told Forbes. “It felt so frightening and very much like an episode of the show, but writ large. It was amazing to hear.”

Fans should also feel reassured that Lin’s involvement is the result of a lifelong obsession with the franchise. “I just couldn’t resist hopefully contributing to something that’s been around for 50 years and hopefully building something that can continue for another 50 years,” he said. “It’s been intense and relentless, but part of it is that everybody cares and we have a great group of people and the cast is amazing. It’s been a dream come true.”

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the franchise when Star Trek Beyond arrives in theatres on July 22. That gives you just under two months to stare at the four new posters below.

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