Stan Lee Picks The Superheroes He Wants To Hang With Most

Marvel comics creator Stan Lee has lead an “amazing, fantastic, incredible” life and created some of the most iconic superhero characters of all-time, but what if that life and those characters could somehow exist in the same reality? Parade’s Leonard Maltin recently ran this possibility by Lee, asking him which superheroes he would most like to have dinner with—and the comics legend revealed that he’s most drawn to the skilled conversationalists.


“I’d probably enjoy talking to Iron Man,” he said. “I’d like to talk to Doctor Strange. I like the Silver Surfer. Iron Man is sort of a classier Donald Trump, if you can imagine that sort of thing. The Silver Surfer is always philosophical; he comments about the world and man’s position in the universe, why we don’t enjoy living on this wonderful planet and why we don’t help each other.”


Unfortunately, the details of these hypothetical dinner conversations will always remain a mystery to Lee, an he never got to know his characters in a more everyday context. “I only wrote about these characters fighting and having problems,” he explained. “I never really did many episodes where they were eating, so I don’t even know how their table manners are.”

We’ll have to wait another week to see Stan Lee’s cameo in Doctor Strange, but here’s the Lee-free trailer to tide you over until then.