Spider-Man’s Tom Holland And His BFF Harrison Have A Marvelous Bromance

If Tom Holland’s Spider-Man had a real-life sidekick, Harrison Osterfield would definitely be him. Besides being Holland’s assistant on the Spider-Man: Homecoming set, Osterfield is his ride-or-die BFF, as proved by the pair’s constant jabs on social media and how they practically hang out 24/7. Sorry, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck: There’s a new celebrity bromance in town.

Recently, Holland shared an Insta of the bros dressing alike in Burberry fashion

Thing one and thing two. Hahah @hazosterfield @georgejcottle @burberry #trenchcoat

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“Thing one and thing two,” he captioned, which totally sums up their friendship.

Since Holland is known for being a reposting fiend on Instagram, Osterfield quickly shut his friend down

Osterfield also memed himself to roast Holland with the caption, “Watching @tomholland2013 repost everything like…😝.”

Holland totally called out Osterfield’s thievery before it even happened


@hazosterfield is about to copy me 😝

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Or did he? Holland captioned that Osterfield “is about to copy [him] 😝,” on his boxing pic. Meanwhile, Osterfield posted a similar photo and wrote, “I wonder whose gonna get more likes @tomholland2013 #postedfirst #traininghard.” Hey, Harrison—Tom smoked you in the “like” department. Your 11.5k likes are no match for his 101k (but better than the 48 on the photo I was proud of … until just now).

Turnabout’s fair play, however, since Osterfield jokingly accused his BFF of “copying [his] stance” in their random giant rock pic

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Holland apparently doesn’t give photo credit where credit’s due, either. Shameful.

Thankfully, neither guy takes himself too seriously

Halloween 3 years ago with @tomholland2013 🎃 #whowouldofthoughtit #iforgottodressup

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And we wouldn’t want it any other way.