Spidey’s Universe Gets Bigger With A Black Cat/Silver Sable Spinoff

These days, studios don’t make superhero movies, they build a superhero universe. Staying true to that trend, Sony is putting Spider-Man and his friends (plus some not so friendly Spidey-world characters) into a whole new franchise of films that will see characters like Black Cat and Silver Sable get their own movie.

Thanks to a bunch of boring legal stuff we won’t go into, Sony currently owns the rights to Marvel’s uber-popular comic book icon, Spider-Man, which is why the character (most recently played by Tom Holland) shows up in Disney ensemble movies like Captain America: Civil War while appearing in films like the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming (July 7, you guys) under the Sony banner. Sony lends Disney Spidey, Disney loans out Robert Downey Jr. to do a Tony Stark cameo in Homecoming, everyone wins/makes a billion dollars.

Meanwhile, each studio builds out its own separate super-verse—and Sony is doubling down with a female-led standalone movie that will see Silver Sable and Black Cat share the screen.

Black Cat (alter-ego: Felicia Hardy), the more familiar of the two characters, briefly popped up onscreen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Felicity Jones played her opposite Andrew Garfield’s web-slinger). Often cast as a love interest for Spider-Man when he’s not dating Mary Jane Watson or Gwen Stacy, Black Cat spends her free time doing B & E’s and practicing acrobatics.

In the Spider-Man comic book world, Silver Sable leads the Wild Pack, a team of mercenaries that hunt down war criminals and other international bad guys. Sometimes her and Spider-Man work together, other times, they find themselves on opposing teams.

Chris Yost, who created the Wolverine clone character X-23 (you saw her in Logan) and is a Thor: Ragnarok and The Dark World story veteran, will be working on a second draft of the script. The original was written by Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy.