Are Spider-Man’s Signature Adversaries Coming To The MCU?

At this point, Marvel fans have grown accustomed to getting exactly what they want at all times. However, Spider-Man: Far from Home director Jon Watts recently explained that they may have to wait a while before Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin return to the big screen.

“You always start by trying to show people something that they haven’t seen before, unless you have a really good reason, I think, to bring back someone we’ve seen before,” Watts told CinemaBlend. “Spider-Man has such a great rogue’s gallery that there’s a lot still I think to draw from. I mean, we also put Cyclone, Molten Man, and Hydro Man in this movie, in a very roundabout way… it’s always about trying to find something new and just trying to push the envelope there, but I dunno who it could be next.”

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige elaborated on what it would take to bring Doc Ock and Green Goblin back: “It just depends on, is it the right story? Is that the right time? Is there the right angle to do it again in a way that feels fresh and doesn’t feel like, ‘Oh, here it is again.’ Because Spidey… has a great roster of villains, a great number of them—with Mysterio and Vulture being two of the best that hadn’t been brought to the screen before. I think it all depends on what the story is. It all depends on what the angle is.”

Spider-Man: Far from Home is in theatres now. Check out the trailer below.