Spider-Man: Homecoming Toys Give A Detailed Glimpse Of Spidey’s New Suit And Gadgets

If you’ve ever dreamed of cosplaying as Spider-Man, but have the sewing skills of a young Peter Parker, then you’re in luck because the new Spider-Man: Homecoming toys provide a detailed look at the hero’s homemade suit. Hasbro has just released new images of their upcoming line of Spidey toys, and besides being super rad, they give us a chance to examine the hero—and the villain’s—super suits many months before the film’s release. Let’s have a look at the goods:

Spider-Man’s Homemade Suit


Before Tony Stark came around, Spidey was just a boy in sweatpants trying to stop crime between classes. The action figure gives a glimpse into Spidey’s suit pre-Civil War look, when Peter was making due with whatever bits of technology and clothing he could find. We’re sure to see lots of fans running around in this version of the suit this Halloween—much more wearable than spandex.




We now have a better look at Homecoming’s villain, Vulture. Played by Michael Keaton in the film, Vulture’s mechanical suit and wings look super badass and his fighter pilot helmet and fur trimmed collar give the action figure a retro feel.


High Tech Spider-Man


This Spider-Man: Homecoming costume is very similar to the ones seen in the comics. Although we’ve already seen the suit in Civil War, the toy gives an up-close look at all the gadgets and tech included that go with it..

The toys are scheduled to hit shelves this May and Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theatres July 7, 2017.