Spectre Secrets That Won’t Spoil The Whole Movie

Reviews for Spectre are undeniably mixed—and we can confirm that it’s a step backwards after the triumph of Skyfall—but Bond stalwarts should have no trouble finding reasons to be excited about 007’s latest foray into libidinous death defiance. Loaded with references to Daniel Craig’s three previous Bond entries, Spectre exposes an increasingly labyrinthine web of conspiracy and deceit. We’ll let you find your own way through the film’s logic-busting narrative, but here are six Spectre secrets that won’t spoil a thing.

What is SPECTRE?


SPECTRE is actually an acronym that stands for Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. Following 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever, the Bond franchise lost rights to this organization, but its evil masterminds are back, and their appetite for world domination is stronger than ever.

Watches aren’t just for telling time anymore


While there’s little practical need for watches in the smartphone era, a man of James Bond’s refinement is expected to wear one for reasons of fashion alone. But as you might expect, Bond’s watch does far more than simply tell time.

You can buy Bond’s gadgets


Spectre is a little lighter on gadgets than most Bond films, but there’s an exciting consolation prize: you can buy some of them.

Q’s in Bond’s blood


After getting himself into trouble during Spectre’s opening sequence, Bond is forced to go rogue for much of the film—but that doesn’t stop Q (Ben Whishaw) from injecting him full of “smart blood,” a nanotech breakthrough that allows 007’s allies to keep tabs on him at all times. Of course, there’s always the risk that this technology will get into the wrong hands…

Daniel Craig has an eye for fashion


Notice how comfortable Daniel Craig looks in his wardrobe? According to costume designer Jany Temime, he doesn’t just wear those clothes, he picks some of them. “Daniel knows the character better than anybody else,” she says. “He also has an incredible sense of fashion, so it is really nice working with him.”

007 has revised his drink order


Listen carefully when it comes time for Bond to order a cocktail in Spectre. We won’t reveal his latest drink preference, but we’ll give you a hint: it’s neither shaken nor stirred.

Spectre is now playing pretty much everywhere. For a preview of what’s in store, watch the trailer below.