Everything You Need To Know About Space’s Free Preview


Thinking about starting a new Space show but not sure how or where to start? Want to be able to watch more of your favourite Space shows online? If so, you’re in luck—Space is launching a special Free Preview this month, which means you’ll soon be able to check out more episodes of new and old Space shows than ever before. And some of the episodes will be—you guessed it—completely free, with no sign-in required.

Keep reading on to find out when, how, and why you should take advantage of this sweet, sweet deal.


1. The Dates

The Space Free Preview runs for a little under a month, from September 26 to October 24—just in time for premiere season.



2. The Shows

If you’re an attentive sci-fi fan, you may have noticed that the Doctor Who Season 11 premiere date falls right between the Free Preview start and end dates. Check out Space.ca during the Free Preview to access Doctor Who content as well as content from all of Space’s other fall shows, including Arrow, Supernatural, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.



3. The Freedom

Want to watch Doctor Who premiere right away to avoid getting spoiled on Twitter the next day? We’ve got your back. During Space’s Free Preview, the Doctor Who Season 11 premiere, Arrow Season 7 premiere, and Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 premiere will all be completely free. You won’t have to sign in to watch them, which means you’ll be the one spoiling all your friends for a change.



Check out Space’s fall premiere dates below.

Z Nation—October 5 at 10e 7p

Doctor Who—October 7 at 1:45PM e 10:45AM p

Supernatural—October 11 at 8e 5p

Arrow – October 15 at 8e 5p

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – October 22 at 9e 6p