Our Super Space-y 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is fast approaching and unless you have a TARDIS, you should probably start shopping now. Don’t stress, when it comes to Space-themed gifts, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of ideas for the Potter/Trek/Who/etc. fans in your life—or go ahead and forward this to whoever’s buying gifts for YOU.


For the Trekkie


Nerd worlds collide in this Star Trek/Settlers of Catan mashup. This version sees the inexplicably popular board game (hey, we love it too, we just don’t know why) in which players trade brick, lumber, wool, grain, and ore teleported into space, where the in-demand resources become water, oxygen, tritanium, food, and dilithium crystals. Don’t bother setting your phasers to stun because the gift of Star Trek of Catan will do it for you. Buy it here.


For the Wizarding World-obsessed No-Maj


Short of stuffing a case full of magical creatures down your chimney and saying it’s from the best of all wizards (Santa, FYI), try one of these options: this super cool MACUSA (that’s Magical Congress of the United States) necklace which gives the wearer an air of authority over other magic-types. Alternatively, a Newt Scamander suitcase phone cover is pretty magical too.


For the Rogue One rebel


Um, duh: tickets to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (for the second/third time, because you should probably see it in 3D, 2D, and IMAX 3D). Okay, and also this nifty Imperial Death trooper figurine. And this hardcover Rogue One art book, out the same day as the film, December 16.


For the Whovian


If you have hours to handknit a striped scarf in the style of the one worn by Tom Barker’s Fourth Doctor, we bow down to you. If you are but a mortal for whom space and time hold certain limitations, may we suggest just pre-ordering this awesome Who-themed present: the redone, animated ‘Power of The Dalekslost episodes on DVD—it won’t deliver until the end of January but what does a mere month mean to a Time Lord? Buying for a non-obligatory, I’m-actually-happy-to-see-you-during-the-holidays recipient who’s worth dropping close to $170 on? Get this Sonic Screwdriver universal remote control. Changing the channel from everything else to Doctor Who will never feel more satisfying.


For the superhero superfan


Marvel and DC-branded stuff is basically everywhere right now and while you could go full “Captain America hooded bathrobe” on your significant other/neighbour/co-worker, might we suggest something with a bit of subtlety? Try a Mjolnir keychain for the Thor fan who doesn’t want anyone else to be able to pick up their keys or a customized, made to order pair of Marvel-themed Converse. Avoid Batman gifts (too depressing, save that for birthdays).


For the Clone Clubber


A homemade mixtape (okay, iTunes playlist) of the songs Tatiana Maslany uses to get into each of her Leda sestra characters’ heads. Because the best gifts come from the heart/Apple.