“Sons of the Harpy”: How This Week’s Game of Thrones Differs from the Books

It was a true Westeros slaughter of the masses on last night’s Game of Thrones. The blood bath didn’t quite compare to the Red Wedding, but if you were in Dorne, Meereen, or King’s Landing, the chances of living to see the end credits roll were slim.

Were this many people slaughtered in the books? Of course, and maybe even more. Here’s a breakdown of how things went down in “Sons of the Harpy” versus how things played out in the books.

Prisoner of the Faith Militant


How it went down on the show: After getting into bed with Cersei, the High Sparrow sent his Faith Militant to slaughter anyone getting into bed with those they shouldn’t. Petyr Baelish’s local brothel was gutted and flayed, while Ser Loras Tyrell was taken prisoner for his own “perversions.” Once word of her brother’s imprisonment reached Margaery, she sent King Tommen to have him freed. The boy King was unable to reach the High Sparrow to discuss the matter, and failing to please his Queen meant Margaery wouldn’t be pleasing him.

How it went down in the books: Tommen never even tried to meet with the High Sparrow, probably because Ser Loras was never taken prisoner. Instead, Ser Loras was sent to fight with the King’s Guard in Storm’s End.

Littlefinger, Stannis, and Stark


How it went down on the show: Cersei sent for Littlefinger to return to King’s Landing and in an attempt to keep the Queen Mother at bay about his running scheme, Petyr agreed to return, leaving Sansa alone in Winterfell with her soon to be husband, Ramsay Bolton. Before leaving, Littlefinger confessed to Sansa that his hope was for Stannis to seize the North from the Bolton’s, rescue Sansa in the process, and name her wardeness of the North.

How it went down in the books: Petyr Baelish was never asked to return to King’s Landing and his hope for Stannis to rescue Sansa was never in the cards since she was still safe and sound in the Vale.

Snakes in the Sand


How it went down on the show: Jaime and Bronn made a mess of their arrival in Dorne. The duo was greeted by Dorne’s finest, but quickly buried them and any chance of getting caught on Snake’s sand. Unfortunately, killing the snakes didn’t buy them much time since the boat captain that smuggled them into Dorne had already sold the information, and his life, to Prince Oberyn’s daughters.

How it went down in the books: There’s no real comparison here since it simply never happened.

The Sons of the Harpy


How it went down on the show: During a planned attack on the Unsullied, the Sons of the Harpy managed to drive steal into the flesh of many Queen Servants, including Ser Barristan Selmy, who may or may not be dead. Grey Worm’s condition was left open-ended as well, but a scene from a previous season five trailer suggests he’ll be just fine.

How it went down in the books: The Sons of the Harpy led many attacks on the Unsullied, but Ser Barristan Selmy and Grey Worm were never a part of them since they almost never leave Dany’s side.

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