Some Crazy Person Beat Super Mario World in 23 Minutes… Blindfolded

Super Mario World


Are you one of those dudes who likes to brag about how effortlessly you finish games? Have you already beaten Batman: Arkham Knight and think it’s necessary to scream this achievement from the highest rooftop? Well, get ready to feel like a chump, because a man not only beat SNES classic Super Mario World in 23 minutes—he did it completely blindfolded!

A haaaardcore gamer who goes by the moniker PangaeaPanga apparently only started training for this feat eight days ago. While he does lose lives during his breakneck run, that only makes his 23-minute (and 14 seconds, if you’re feeling extra nitpicky) seem more impressive.

Just watch:

Crazy, right? While he used his superhuman eyeballs to do so, PangaeaPanga also beat what’s considered to be the most panic attack-inducing fan-made Super Mario World ever: “Item Abuse 3.”

Good lord, what am I even looking at?! The Wizard has got nothin’ on this video game ninja. Someone GET PangaeaPanga to Video Armageddon.