Snipperclips Is A Great Co-Op Game Any Way You Cut It

When it comes to launch titles, Nintendo has always been good at releasing games that tap into whatever fresh concept their hardware makes possible. Mario 64 was a perfect introduction to the thumbstick that proved essential for 3D platformers, Twilight Princess and Wii Sports taught us how to swing a Wii Remote as if it were the Master Sword or a tennis racket, Nintendo Land gave us clever mini-games that demonstrated the novelties of the Wii U GamePad… and so on.

While Snipperclips – Cut it Out, Together! (for the sake of brevity, we’ll call it Snipperclips going forward)  is subtle in how it shows off what the Nintendo Switch is capable of, it’s arguably the system’s best, and cutest, co-op game. For those who find 1-2 Switch a tad gimmicky or can’t fully get behind the multiplayer mayhem of Super Bomberman R (which we have yet to play), this should do the trick. Like the Switch itself, Snipperclips is accessible for both seasoned and casual gamers in a way no other launch title is.

What Snipperclips does best is showcase the slick and simple ease of those tiny Joy-Con controllers. Holding these little babies sideways feels super comfy, with the shoulder buttons rotating your pink or yellow character clockwise or counterclockwise, and the front buttons having them snipping, jumping or reforming. Naturally, you use the thumbstick to move your character left and right, or have them stretch up tall or crouch way down (funny constipated faces ensue). It’s also too much fun jumping on your partner’s head when they really don’t want you to.

Best enjoyed as a two-player co-op (single player is optional, but switching between characters solo is literally half the fun), the game’s main World mode has you snipping and clipping your partner into tonnes of custom shapes in order to solve different puzzles. Each stage offers a different, increasingly challenging dilemma that can be solved in a multitude of ways. The key to the game’s success is the power of its physics and shape–based puzzles, which can be hugely satisfying to overcome. There will be plenty of high-fiving and back-patting when that happens.

Of course, it goes both ways. As the difficulty ramps up, so does your need to cooperate with the other player, which makes for an amusingly frustrating dynamic, since good communication is crucial. Passing the Joy-Con controllers around between multiple pairings really shows off how some people work well together while others clearly do not. At times, it can be extremely cathartic (if unproductive) to just snip the crap out of your partner in anger—don’t worry, they can reform at any time.

There are two additional modes on hand: Party mode features a number of larger, more intense puzzles that you’ll need four players (and two extra Joy-Con controllers, natch) to conquer, and Blitz mode has 2-4 players competing in mini-games like Hockey, Baseball, and snipping each other to death (no reforming this time). While these mini-games are a hoot, what makes Snipperclips an essential Switch launch title is how it brings everyone together for some highly imaginative puzzle-solving fun.

Snipperclips – Cut it Out, Together! is out now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Check out the trailer below:

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