You Can Watch Chance The Rapper’s Werewolf Pizza Movie Literally Right Now


Way back on Halloween 2016, Chance the Rapper tweeted something major: a mysterious teaser for an upcoming new film with the caption, “Slice. Starring Me the Actor. In theatres 2017.”

While that last part proved ultimately incorrect, Slice did hit theatres for a one-night-only showing nearly two years later, last night (September 10). And then, well, even better news: It’s officially out everywhere now (as of September 11)! In fact, you can stream it literally right now on video-on-demand platforms like iTunes and Google Play.

News of the project actually dates back to 2015, when director Austin Vesely tweeted an early poster featuring Chance’s character, Dax, leaning on his motorcycle. It’s since been deleted, but that doesn’t matter, because you can see what the whole thing is about in full right now.

Slice is ostensibly a horror flick, unspooling the story of a slain pizza delivery driver across supernatural concerns like ghosts and “disgraced” werewolves. Alongside Chance, it stars Atlanta‘s Zazie Beets, Stranger Things‘s Joe Keery, and comedian Hannibal Buress.

Other than making his full-fledged pivot to “Chance the Actor,” the Chicago MC is reportedly working with Kanye West on a new album in his hometown—or at least, that’s what a now-deleted tweet from Yeezy suggested in late August.

Now that Chance and Vesely have made the jump from music videos to a proper feature film, one can’t help but wonder what creative endeavours the 25-year-old rapper will pursue next. Until we know for sure, go watch Slice then revisit the Vesely-helmed “Sunday Candy” video below.