4 Fresh Things SuperChargers Brings To The Skylanders Series

It’s been four years since Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure introduced kiddos and their overwhelmed parents to the Portal of Power, a glowing pedestal that tranformed plastic figurines into video game characters that unlocked additional in-game content. Skylanders SuperChargers marks the fifth entry in a franchise that has consistently proved its worth. With each annual instalment, the series offers new reasons for players to invest in more toys (sorry, mom and dad) and delve deeper into Skyland’s ever-expanding universe, which is usually in peril thanks to evil Portal Master Kaos, who most definitely is up to no good yet again. To help you figure out what’s new this time around, here are the four biggest additions SuperChargers brings to the Skylanders franchise.

A new line of vehicles


Hands down the game’s biggest standout, SuperChargers takes things to the next level by introducing a line of vehicles to pair with Skylanders new and old to unlock unique upgrades and explore hidden areas. Like we’ve come to expect from the series, these vehicles also double as toys kids (and hey, why not grown-ups?) can actually play with outside of the game. The games’ new Portal of Power was also redesigned with a larger surface to accommodate bigger, sturdier toys. The new Skylanders themselves are also looking polished as ever, so it’s nice to see these once mini statues evolving into bona fide playthings.

Quality over quantity


While SuperChargers still dangles that alluring carrot to buy more Skylanders to unlock additional in-game features, it’s not nearly as daunting as past iterations. As previously mentioned, the new vehicles are pretty dandy, and you only need to purchase two more in order to experience every side mission and optional area, which, in addition to land, takes you underwater and up in the air. Out of the Xbox One Starter Pack Activision so kindly provided us with, you’ll get the updated Portal of Power, a land-based vehicle called Hot Streak, fire-elemental Skylander Spitfire, and life-elemental Skylander Super Shot Stealth Elf (previously just known as Stealth Elf in past games), which is all you need to get through the main story. And while there are 20 new Skylanders and 20 vehicles to collect in all, those are essentially gravy—expensive, but tasty, gravy. Nintendo fans take note: the Wii U Starter Pack comes with Donkey Kong plus his themed vehicle, while the Wii and 3DS versions come with Bowser plus his themed vehicle.

Loads more variety


Not even counting the sky and water-based areas you can potentially explore (we haven’t had the chance yet), SuperChargers adds tonnes more diversity in terms of gameplay. One of the best new additions are racing stages that not only expand the scope of Skyland, but also recall the thrilling, playful rush of Mario Kart at the best of times. In addition to racing, vehicles are also used to explore open-world environments, solve puzzles, and thwart enemies. And, of course, Skylanders’ classic on-foot experience is firmly intact, but alternating between these three gameplay modes makes SuperChargers’ fairly robust campaign move forward with minimal repetitiveness.

Sweet online and co-op play


It took five tries, but online functionality is finally here for both racing and story mode. This allows for competitive and cooperative play. One of the coolest co-op features is the ability for one player to steer a vehicle while the other blasts its weapons. This is especially handy if youngsters need a little help navigating, something seasoned gamers can effortlessly manage. It’s also fun to collaborate when challenged with some of the game’s more stimulating puzzles, most notable of which involves a grow/shrink ray.

Skylanders SuperChargers is out now on Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, and Wii U. Check out the trailer below: