Simon Pegg Boldly Goes Against The Tarantino Star Trek Movie

star trek

If you’re having a hard time getting a handle on what’s what in the Star Trek universe, it may be because some of the people involved have major conflicts of interest. For example, take Simon Pegg, current Scotty and co-writer of Star Trek Beyond. In speaking about that film’s disappointing performance, Pegg has dodged personal responsibility, re-routing the blame to Paramount’s marketing department. In a recent interview, he got a little more specific, suggesting that the ads for the film carelessly buried its Trekkie appeal.

“It was a big year for Star Trek and it felt like that was not ever embraced,” he argued. “I think sometimes people get scared of the Star Trek fanbase as being a kind of closed shop, and if we were to mention Star Trek in some way, it would somehow turn all the other people who hadn’t seen Star Trek off. I dunno, it just felt like an odd thing to do. I think the person responsible for that [campaign] is not there anymore.”

As Zachary Quinto recently explained, Pegg is currently working on a Star Trek script that will be pitted against the script being developed for Quentin Tarantino. For obvious reasons, Pegg is attempting to cast doubt on the competition. “I don’t think Quentin is going to direct it,” he said. “He’s got his California movie [Once Upon A Time In Hollywood] to do and then I think only doing one more film after that. I don’t think he could get around to directing a Star Trek in two-three years.”

The future of Star Trek is likely to remain a mystery for some time, but you can revisit Pegg’s work on Star Trek Beyond any time. Check out the trailer below.