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wynonna earp
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Season 3 of the 12 episode, one-hour drama WYNONNA EARP sees reckless and reluctant gunslinger Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) and her team of outmatched outsiders return to face monsters, revenants, and their biggest fears. They all fight to take down the demon who cursed the Earp family before he destroys the Ghost River Triangle–and the world.

  • Wynonna Earp

    Wynonna Earp

     - Melanie Scrofano

    Some kids inherit money; others get talent. Wynonna Earp , the great-granddaughter of Wyatt, got a demon-killing side arm---and she’s not afraid to use it.
  • Waverly Earp

    Waverly Earp

     - Dominique Provost-Chalkley

    Roots matter, just ask Waverly Earp. Wynonna's kid sister has an interest (read: possible obsession) with her family's legacy that runs deep. It'd be a lie to say Waverly wasn't a little bitter that she, the stalwart of the family, was not chosen as the Earp heir to demon hunting over his big sister. That underlying anger, mixed with smarts and spunk, make for an unpredictable package.
  • Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday

     - Tim Rozon

    You know that he's famous for the O.K. Corral shooting. You know that he's a gambler. What you don't know is that the ageless Doc Holliday has got a thing for nostalgia and a thirst for revenge. The victim of a wicked curse, Doc is on a mission to rectify the past, even if that means becoming the enemy of his best friend Wyatt's descendant, Wynonna.