The 5 WTF-iest Moments In Sharknado: The Fourth Awakens

With Sharknado: The 4th Awakens, the filmmakers behind the franchise attempted to do the impossible (like, beyond making Tara Reid and Ian Ziering relevant for another 15 or so minutes). They tried (and succeeded) to out-WTF themselves with bigger, shark-ier deaths, more insane celebrity cameos, and all-new things to throw into a tornado (think lightning, fire, and lava). The fact that the original Sharknado has spawned three sequels is a WTF moment in itself, but this time the cast and crew have outdone themselves. Here are five moments that stood out for us:

Tara Reid’s character: still alive, now a cyborg, hasn’t seen her family in five, Sharknado-free years. Fans got to vote on whether or not Reid’s April would return for the fourth movie after she appeared to be killed off by a piece of spaceship in the third. The trailer revealed that she was back—we just didn’t realize she’d have lighsabers for hands.


What would a genre movie be without a trip to ComiCon? When the Sharknado sets its course for the annual convention in San Diego, we expected some carnage. We didn’t expect an announcer to be stabbed through the chest with a shark while on stage. And yet…


The ode to the Point Break remake in the form of a flying squirrel suit worn by a corporate bigwig just (literally) dying to be the hero of this sequel. Shocker: he fails epically. No one puts Ian Ziering in the corner.


Visually, one of the best shark death moments involves two former Baywatch stars, mid-Baywatch beach run, being simultaneously eaten by two flying sharks. Runner up goes to the train conductor who, in an effort to navigate the Sharknado, sticks his head out the window and has it instantly bitten off.


Rounding out the WTF list is the Las Vegas contingent of Chippendales dancers who skillfully repelled sharks with their crotches. What are those things even made of?