The 8 Craziest Shark Hybrid Movies



Sorry, Spielberg, but it’s going to take more than a naturally occurring predator to keep us out of the water. Since Jaws’ 1975 debut, shark movies have evolved to include shark tornadoes, mechanical sharks, and sharks who pay no heed to the borders between land and ocean. The result? Shark-related terror (and shark-related ridiculousness) has climbed to new heights.

In honour of Discovery Canada’s 20th Shark Week anniversary—which kicks off July 5 with 22 hours of shark-infested premieres, 45 hours of predator-filled programming, and extended shark-related shows airing all the way into August—we give you our list of the eight most insane shark-meets-weird-thing-you’d-never-think-a-shark-would-meet movies.


Teeth meet tentacles meet… Julia Roberts’ brother Eric in this 2010 Roger Corman joint. True to its portmanteau name, the titular Sharktopus of this film is indeed a scientifically engineered shark/octopus hybrid with an appetite for human flesh seasoned by bits of spandex and lycra. Leave it to the US military to create a genetically modified beast they can’t control. Not to be confused with: Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus.

Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda

Fun fact: this 2014 movie marks Conan O’Brien’s acting debut—a milestone sadly overlooked by the Academy last February. The Oscar snub hasn’t deterred the resilient filmmakers behind the Sharktopus franchise, however. Their third film, Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf, comes out this month. Love creature on creature battles? See also: Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus and Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark.


Black Mambas. Deathstalker Scorpions. Humans. When you’re dreaming up ways to make sharks even deadlier than they already are, you want to mix them with another stone cold killer—and who’s stonier and killy-er than us? Creature is the story of a part man/part shark science experiment gone wrong from the shark-obsessed brain of Peter Benchley, the guy who wrote Jaws.


You can probably tell from the title that this is another tale of shark-human hybridization. It’s about a mad scientist who thinks he can cure his son’s cancer by combining his DNA with that of a hammerhead shark. Because, obviously. This movie is bananas. That sentence is redundant.


Climate change deniers get their comeuppance when a prehistoric shark is freed from its glacial cage and heads straight to Mexico, hungry not for burritos, but for the blood of vacationers. See also: Jurassic Shark.


Don’t you hate it when there are sharks where no shark is supposed to be? Such is the case in this 2011 movie in which sharks have suddenly evolved and/or mutated and/or hybridized to be able to swim through sand, somehow still managing to breathe (don’t you worry your pretty little head over the biology behind that one). If sharks out of water are your thing, check out Snowshark, Swamp Shark, and Avalanche Shark too.

2-Headed Shark Attack

This movie asks the question, “Is it possible to make a shark even sharkier by adding another shark to it?” The answer: Yes. Starring a shark/shark hybrid, 2-Headed Shark Attack features a shipwreck, Jerry O’Connell’s little brother, and Brooke Hogan in her second shark-themed cinematic endeavour.

And coming in 2017….

Sky Sharks

Sorry to disappoint those of you with extra Euros burning holes in your pants: the Kickstarter campaign for Sky Sharks is closed (they surpassed their funding goal by 28%). The German film, set to debut in 2017 centres on an as yet unimagined evil: Nazi zombies who terrorize the globe atop the backs of flying killer sharks. Remember when you called Sharknado unrealistic? Take it back.