Shaq Helps You Binge-Watch Oscar Films With Reenactments

The 88th Annual Academy Awards are this Sunday and that means you’re almost out of time to watch all those movies that you were supposed to watch but instead watched Fast and the Furious 7. It was robbed for nominations, we agree.

Thankfully, the Internet has provided helpful study guides for everyone who spent their popcorn money on Kevin Hart instead of Kate Winslet. We have an iPhone, so that’s the same as seeing Steve Jobs, right?

Not gonna make it to the theatre this weekend to see Leonardo DiCaprio wrestle a bear and still look hot in five feet of snow? Let Shaq recap what you missed with a bonus Star Wars homage.

Sadly, not even Shaq can recap all of this year’s nominated films in a short video. That’s why we have children. Get that Oscar, Leonardo DiCar-pio.

Watch Chris Rock host the 88th Annual Academy Awards this Sunday with the red carpet coverage starting at 6:30pm ET on CTV and in the meantime enjoy this Tumblr of kids recreating scenes from Oscar-nominated movies.