That Looked Painful: 9 Times The Shannara Chronicles Made Us Wince

This week’s episode of The Shannara Chronicles ended with a viciously violent—and super-shocking—murder, but it certainly wasn’t the hour’s only bit of blood and gore. From Wil’s attempt at healing to a soldier’s gruesome demise, here are the nine most painful-looking moments—in GIFS!

1. Fallen father


In a heartbreaking flashback, Amberle’s dad was stabbed—from both the back and the front—by an evil gnome.

2. Live bait


Hoping to lure wolves with the scent of Crispin’s blood—and turn the poor guy into their dinner—Cephelo grabbed a knife and cut right into the captain’s leg.

3. Healing hands


In an effort to treat the captain’s wound, healer-wannabe Wil jammed a piece of burning wood into it. We’re guessing there was no Neosporin around.

5. Face-off


Big mistake when that soldier rode his horse into an area filled with poisonous gas: His face started to burn off and disgusting red stuff foamed out of his mouth. Ick.

6. Heads up


Amberle and crew finally arrived at that majestic fort, but its residents weren’t exactly home: three decapitated heads were tossed outside by the demon that was waiting inside. Hey, buddy—ever hear of a welcome mat?

7. (More) live bait


When the demon started to chase after Amberle, Cephelo sliced open Wil’s hand so it would follow his scent of blood instead. Notice the S.O.B. didn’t cut his own hand.

8. Fire starter


After luring the demon into that gas-filled field, a suddenly helpful Cephelo tossed his lighter at the beast and blew it to bits. #byefelicia

9. Fallen monarch


Remember that super-shocking ending we mentioned? This is it. RIP, King Eventine (and screw you, Changeling).

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