5 Reasons We Need Eretria To Survive On The Shannara Chronicles

Eretria found herself in a compromising position at the end of this week’s The Shannara Chronicles: tied up by a bunch of bad guys and being carted away to apparent doom.

How did the sexy rover wind up in such a bind? By running into an old acquaintance who has an ax to grind—and an arrow to shoot (she launched a projectile that hit poor Eretria right in the hip).

So can Miss E find a way to escape the clutches of Zora and her not-so-friendly band of elf hunters? We sure hope so, because tbh, we’re totally beginning to stan for her. Here are the top five reasons we NEED Eretria to survive:

1. She’s the most bad-ass chick we know


Eretria has kicked butt more times than we can count, but this week, she outdid herself: After jumping from a ledge and landing on an elf hunter, she grabbed his bow and arrow and shot him right in the peeper. #bullseye

2. Yet she’s beginning to drop the tough act


The rover claimed that she’s only protecting Amberle because she wants to get paid for it, but we’re not buying it: Eretria showed real concern when she realized the princess was injured—and even agreed that the two have something in common when Amberle noted that they’re both orphans. #bondingmoments

3. Her priorities are finally in order


Need more proof that Eretria is on Team Ellcrys? Just last week, when Cephelo started to cut that zip line in an attempt to leave Wil and Amberle stranded across a mountain, Eretria had to make a choice: flee to safety with her dad or go back for her new pals. And we all know which she chose. #friendshipgoals

4. She becomes more interesting every. single. week.


Our girl made us do a double-take when she came on to Amberle a week ago — and this episode, she gloriously surprised us again by revealing she once had “a thing” with Zora. So what happened between the two? “You left me,” the elf hunter said angrily. Eretria’s who-gives-a-damn response: “You got a little clingy.” #owned

5. Without her, we wouldn’t have that spectacular love triangle


Momentary flirtations with Amberle aside, Eretria’s heart clearly still belongs to Wil: When the princess noted that she and the rover were “bound by a tragic fate” in their quest to save the Ellcrys, Eretria broke it down and added, “And [we’re] hot for the same guy.” #truth

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