See How Wealthy You’d Be In Westeros


The world of “Game of Thrones” is a weird and wonderful fantasyland full of dragons, secrets, swordplay, magic, and the ever-present threat of violent head-squishing death at the hands of a very large enemy.

But it is also a rich and varied socioeconomic landscape in which having a little more coin in your purse can make the difference between life and (violent, head-squishing) death — which is why we love this cool, interactive infographic that tells us exactly where we’d rank in the hierarchy of Westerosian social standing.

The project, put together by Vouchercloud, asks “How well-off would you be in Westeros?”, and then answers the question for you based on your real-world income level. For example:

If you’re not exactly rolling in cash right now, the good news is that a dollar seems to stretch a little further in Westeros. (My freelance journalist’s salary practically makes me a one-percenter! Because of course you can own a castle in Dorne for less than it costs to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg.)

And if you’re a minimum wage worker, congrats: In the “Game of Thrones” world, you’d be trading your burger-flipping spatula for a sellsword’s… sword.

Click here to find out whether you’d be rich enough to pay all a Lannister’s debts — or so poor that you’d have to Hodor your Hodor all Hodor long just to make Hodors meet.