Ahnold Calls New Conan Script ‘Extraordinary’



Late last month, we offered a progress report on The Legend of Conan, one that suggested director Chris Morgan is planning to revive the spirit of 1983’s increasingly celebrated Conan the Barbarian. With no updates from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, we had to take Morgan at his word when he promised that the script was proceeding in an exciting direction. However, we now have Arnie’s perspective—and the news appears to be good.

Speaking to Nerd Report about this week’s Terminator Genisys, Schwarzenegger confirmed that there’s reason to be optimistic about The Legend of Conan. “That turned out really great,” he said of the new Conan script, before describing next steps. “It needs some tweakage, but really they’ve done an extraordinary job with it, very thoughtful. So I’m looking forward to working with them on that.”

Asked what drew him back to the character, Schwarzenegger discussed Conan’s inter-movie backstory, bringing to mind his own biography, specifically his extended hiatus from movies. He said he’s drawn to the idea that Conan was “king for a long time, then just threw it all away and went into retirement and went off into the mountains. That whole idea always appealed to me.”

While the parallels Schwarzenegger draws between himself and the franchise might not be intentional, his next remark about Conan seems to directly reference his return to the role. “He gets asked back because of some hideous and unbelievable things that are happening to the kingdom,” he said, stirring memories of the disappointing Conan remake from 2011. “So that’s when the battle begins again.”