Watch In Awe As This Guy Expertly Impersonates 21 Game Of Thrones Characters

If Arya Stark is the girl of many faces, then comedian Scheiffer Bates is the man of many voices.

To commemorate the end of Game of Thrones’ stellar sixth season, Bates paid homage to some of the show’s most notorious characters the best way he knows how: with spot-on voice impressions.

If the South Wales native looks familiar, it’s because he previously appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live as Jon Snow reading a box of Frosted Flakes. In the new vid, Bates resurrects his uncanny Snow impression, but impressively throws in 20 other characters in under three minutes. From fan favorites Samwell Tarly and Tyrion Lannister, to villains Ramsay Bolton and Walder Frey, there’s seemingly no one in the Seven Kingdoms whom Bates can’t perfectly impersonate.