Saw Director Reveals His Dream Project: A Leprechaun Revival


St. Patrick’s Day is over, but leprechauns are still an undeniable fact of life, particularly the one Warwick Davis played in the Leprechaun movies from 1993 to 2003. A longtime devotee of this series, three-time Saw sequel director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV) used St. Patrick’s Day to volunteer his services to the franchise.

“It’s that time of year again where I remind my good friends at @Lionsgate that I still want to reboot the Leprechaun movie (AGAIN),” he tweeted, referring to the company that released his Saw movies and controls the rights to the Leprechaun franchise. “Lep gets in a time machine and goes back to the Colorado Gold Rush. You guys have my number, I’ll be sitting by the phone.”

In recent years, Lionsgate has twice attempted to revive the series (Leprechaun: Origins, Leprechaun Returns), but Bousman’s public enthusiasm predates both of those movies. “I have always loved the Leprechaun franchise,” he told Entertainment Weekly in 2014. “So much so I pleaded desperately to anyone who would listen to let me direct a reboot some years back. There was something so ridiculously fun and silly about them. A lot of people shunned the sequels, but for my money, nothing is better than watching a franchise let its villain go to Vegas, space, the hood, and then back to the hood.”

It remains to be seen whether Bousman will find his pot of gold, but to understand his passion, look no further than the trailer for the 1993 original—which you can find below.