Samuel L. Jackson vs. The Blob



If you’ve never seen the 1958 Steve McQueen-starring creature feature, The Blob, do yourself a solid (or, rather, a gelatinous) and watch it this long weekend. In fact, make it a double bill alongside the 1988 Chuck Russell-directed remake. Both films are vastly different (for starters, Kevin Dillon is no McQueen), but one thing they do share is their kick-ass antagonist, a giant, pink alien blob that grows larger every time it consumes another puny victim.

And it looks like The Blob is getting remade yet again. Cover your flesh!

While we’re somewhat apprehensive of a less campy, more CGI-y blob monster, not to mention director Simon West’s spotty filmography, The Hollywood Reporter’s recent announcement that Samuel L. Jackson has signed on to play a (badass) biochemistry teacher in the forthcoming update has us considerably stoked. According to HR, the film is set to shoot this fall, and Jackson will most definitely be “attempting to thwart the other-worldly predator discovered deep within the Earth.”

We also anticipate plenty of expletives to go alongside said thwarting. There’s no other casting to report at the moment, but it’s pretty mutha f*ckin’ cool to learn that the original film’s now-96-year-old producer, Jack Harris, will be returning to oversee this one.

Until more news rolls in, feel free to compare and contrast the two previous Blobs to your heart’s content: