Read Ryan Reynolds’ Sweet Goodbye To A Deadpool Fan Who Died Of Leukaemia

Before millions of people across the world flooded movie theatres to see Deadpool, star Ryan Reynolds screened the film for 13-year-old Connor McGrath, a superfan battling leukaemia.

In a new Facebook post, the actor pays tribute to McGrath, who sadly passed away earlier this week. Reynolds says the two became fast friends after connecting through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, sharing “pages and pages of hilarious texts” and bonding over their similar sense of humor. He also recalls travelling to Edmonton, Alberta last year to show McGrath a rough cut of Deadpool—complete with visible wires and unfunny jokes that were later cut—ahead of its blockbuster release.

“Before you jump down my throat for showing a 13-year-old an R-Rated film, please know this kid knew more swear words than a British chef,” Reynolds quipped, before eulogizing McGrath in the most touching way.

“I called Connor, ‘Bubba.’ And he called me ‘Bubba2,’” Reynolds wrote. “We met because he loved Deadpool. In a certain sense he WAS Deadpool. Or, at least everything Deadpool aspires to be; balancing pain, fearlessness, love and a filthy (filthy!) sense of humor in one body. I wish he could’ve stuck around a lot longer… See ya down the road, Bubba.”

See Reynolds’ full post below (but grab some Kleenex first):