Ryan Reynolds Explains How He Landed Céline Dion For Deadpool 2


Squeaky clean Canadian songstress Céline Dion may seem like an unlikely match for the raunchy world of Deadpool, but that’s precisely what made her a perfect candidate to sing Deadpool 2’s emotional theme. An impassioned ballad that propels the title character through some tough times, “Ashes” provides Ryan Reynolds and company with ideal accompaniment for more of their signature wisecracks and sight gags. If you’ve yet to experience Dion’s latest tear-jerking movie anthem—which follows in the tradition of Titanic’s “My Heart Will Go On”—here it is:

Asked how Dion ended up being involved with the film, Ryan Reynolds told the BUILD Series that his enthusiasm for the French Canadian icon played a major role: “Of course, the studio piles up a whole bunch of sort of millennial-friendly type singers that are all incredibly talented, but we just thought, ‘Let’s go right to the legend. Let’s see if we can get her.’ So we got a way in through her manager. I sent her a long letter describing what Deadpool is and what we’re hoping to do, and… two hours later or something, she said yes. And then we said, ‘How about a video?’ and she said yes to that too!”

Deadpool 2 arrives in theatres on Friday. Check out the trailer below.