The Russo Brothers’ Latest Project Is Coming To Space


Credit: Jesse Grant / Stringer

You don’t have to be a die-hard Marvel fan to know that Joe and Anthony Russo are on a hot streak—the writing/directing/producing team behind Captain America: The Winter Solider and Captain America: Civil War just put out the behemoth blockbuster that is Avengers: Infinity War and are likely working on Infinity War Part 2 at this very moment.

Luckily for us, the Russo brothers decided to take some time off from making some of the biggest and most critically acclaimed superhero films of all time to temporarily go back to their television roots. The Russos, who famously directed episodes of both Arrested Development and Community before becoming the silver screen luminaries they are today, will return to TV in 2019 with Deadly Class, a brand new Space show based on Rick Remender and Wes Craig’s ongoing graphic novel series.

A horror action series that combines Stranger Things‘ penchant for ’80s nostalgia with Runaways‘ willingness to let viewers in on what it’s really like to grow up with supernatural and/or extraordinary abilities, Deadly Class follows a homeless and disillusioned teen named Marcus (Teen Wolf’s Benjamin Wadsworth) who gets recruited by King’s Dominion, an elite private high school. The only catch? It’s a high school attended by the children of the world’s most notorious crime bosses. Marcus’ extraordinary circumstances don’t preclude him from coming up against the dramatic, cliquey mess that plagues delinquent and non-delinquent teens alike, though King’s Dominion headmaster Master Lin (Doctor Strange‘s Benedict Wong) is fortunately willing to serve as a mentor of sorts.

The Russos served as creators and executive producers on Deadly Class, meaning that they likely used the project to unite their love of action with their love of working with dysfunctional ensemble casts. And while we don’t have a Deadly Class premiere date just yet, you can still prepare yourself for the forthcoming Russo brothers goodness by watching the Avengers: Infinity War trailer below.