Ron Howard Explains His Attraction To Solo: A Star Wars Story


With Solo: A Star Wars Story about to arrive in theatres, director Ron Howard is in no position to badmouth spin-offs. It should come as no surprise, then, that he offered a relatively viable defense of this divisive storytelling form in a recent conversation with CinemaBlend. As Howard sees it, the world of Star Wars is just another worthy milieu for movies to explore, no different from any historical era or event.

“I really think there are a lot of corners of this galaxy that could be explored,” he said. “I know fans say, ‘Why do we need to go there or why do we need to go to this other direction?’ But good storytellers can take inspiration from all of this, almost like… this is a real world. It’s like saying, ‘How many times can we do a story about the Renaissance? How many times can we do a World War II story?’ I mean, the reality is there are fascinating characters and a lot of drama.”

As for Solo, Howard says there’s a clear-cut reason he was drawn to this particular spin-off. “What I liked about this opportunity for me personally was that it was really character-driven,” he explained. “Even the action set pieces… each and every one is designed as a test for young Han Solo. That’s really what it’s all about, the relationships, which are really important to this, which offer a lot of real great performance opportunities for some great actors. That’s a little bit unusual for a Star Wars movie to pin that much on those human relationships. For me, as a director, it was fun to combine those elements.”

Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives in theatres tonight. Read our review here, and check out the trailer below.