Ripper Street Season 2 Premiere: “Pure As The Driven”

Ripper Street


The second season of Ripper Street starts in an appropriately gruesome way for a show based in Jack the Ripper territory. Morris Linklater, a police officer who’s gotten himself involved in some sketchy dealings, falls out a window from several stories above the ground, and impales his leg on a sharp fencepost. (Brace yourself for a seriously disgusting Victorian hospital scene—things were not sanitary back then.) Judging by the velocity of the copper’s fall and the angle of his injury, this was no accident. But while Linklater survives the plunge and the doctors manage to patch up his leg, he is too unconscious to elaborate on how he ended up a human shish kebab.

After finding a photograph of a pretty young Asian woman in the room from which Linklater dropped, Reid heads to Long Susan’s digs to suss out some intel. Long Susan recognizes the girl in the picture as Blush Pang, a newish-ly arrived Chinese immigrant who had denied an offer to work in her brothel. This leads Reid and Drake to one of city’s Chinese gambling houses, where they hope to question Blush. Instead, they find a man with his throat cut and injection marks on his legs—the same type of scars the doctor had noticed on Linklater.

From there the H Division officers begin to uncover a complex drug plot involving a group of Chinese immigrants, Blush Pang, and Jedediah Shine, a former member of the Hong Kong police force who still maintains connections—of the illegal and romantic variety—to London’s Chinese community. Basically, Shine is Blush’ lover, and they’re in cahoots on a heroin-smuggling operation. But Pang’s brother is also aware of their scheme—and while he’s not pleased about it, he may have the martial arts skills necessary to stop their plot. That said, black belts are no match for cold-blooded backstabs.