Ripper Street Season 2 Finale: Recap “Our Betrayal – Part Two”

Ripper Street


Long Susan is a cold, hard badass by the end of this week’s Ripper Street finale. When the discovery of decomposing bodies in a tenement building (The Wire, Victorian style?) links Silas Duggan to Jedediah Shine, it seems like a chance for everyone—Reid, Jackson, Long Susan, Drake, Flight—to make amends for their own wrongdoings and get back at their wrongdoers. But while getting revenge may solve Susan’s problems with Duggan, it doesn’t necessarily set things straight with Jackson.

Same goes for Reid and Shine. It might be satisfying to take the crooked K Division cop out of the picture, but Reid’s inner demons can’t be suppressed by mortal means. Drake has perhaps adopted the most cathartic route to fighting off his turmoil over Bella’s suicide: actual fighting, in a boxing ring.